3D Animatronics & computer graphics from UdoZak!

Bockenheim news!

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For the radioexpansion in your toolbar, so that the radio works!

(Ab Firefox 3,00 nicht mehr nötig!)

 Sorry but Still


A great new radiotoolbar, with all kinds of Music commercials and scientific informations you can imagine and or even more!

You can add all kinds of radio and or podcaststations to your own toolbar, now!

Just add an station and type Reggae, Techno, Metal, Classic (for example) or else in your searchformular and you will be astonished, amazed and wondering how many stations you can get and add !!!

And all for FREE!!!(KOSTENLOS!!!)


Idee, Concept, Scripts, Animationen, Grafiken und Programmierung von Udo Z.,(Default!)


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